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Random selection of useful/useless links! 

Bike Related 

Big Peaks are a great local bike shop. 

Exposure Lights, the best lights I have used on a bike, this quality does come at a price though... 

Felt are a great brand, from their budget bikes all the way through to their high end carbon offerings. 

Genesis are another great brand, designed in the UK, (and the basis for my most recent build). 

Giant bikes may be mass produced, but they still offer some of the best bikes you can get hold of. They were responsible for the development of the Compact Geometry road frame design, and are the leading brand for female specific development with their LIV brand. 

Hot Pursuit are another great local bike shop. 

Knobblies are yet another great local bike shop. 

Light and Motion would be my second choice of light, I still use their Urban series if I'm just bimbling about anywhere. 

Look made the first Carbon bike frame in 1986, and haven't really looked back! 

Moon are another company for bike lights, specifically they make a helmet flashing front and rear combination, the Aerolite, that is light and effective. 

Specialized do make some nice bikes, but more than anything its their Body Geometry finishing kit and clothing I rate them for. 

IT and Electronics 

Dartcom, a local company specialising in weather satellite and ground stations. They have a station set up near Haytor, and a camera so you can check the weather is actually as bad as they say it is. 

DirtyPCBs. If you need small quantities of any boards prototyping, these guys are awesome! 

EuroTech are a local supplier of PCB's, for larger orders they work out cheaper than China/Hong Kong. 

Farnell and RS Components are my go-to for parts, even reasonable for Pi's and arduinos if you don't fancy fleabay. 

Putty, a useful SSH/Telnet client. 

Scan, not a bad place for PC parts. 

Smoothwall, my choice of open source standalone firewall system. 

Sourceforge is a massive database and community for open source software and development. 

Maplin are really useful for those 'Bugger I don't have...' moments, expensive compared to the online shops, but available instantly. 

W3C, the World Wide Web Consortium, working to help everyone apply to the same standards of web development. 

Games Related 

Call of Duty, with its annual update has been a favourite FPS for over a decade, the multiplayer is just great, even better if you can get a group of friends together on Teamspeak! 

Elite:Dangerous is an awesome space sim, steep learning curve but well worth it. Best played with a flight stick! 

Rocket League, combining a car racing game with football, Online mindless fun! 

Steam is a multiplatform games portal, helping to bring more games to Linux with any luck!