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Been dabbling with electronics here and there for decades, generally PC or Audio related, but also with a view to fixing anything that goes pop in the home. Quite often a cheap electrolytic capacitor that has let the smoke out can be replaced for pennies, potentially saving hundreds. It was quite handy while working on the AntiSFF project (some photos double posted here, has its own page above), as fully rewiring the fans, cathodes, pumps and the secondary power supply that ran the cooling system allowed a far tidier and more efficient build.


Currently stalled on an IoT project that links my lighting, heating, security and media systems all into one mobile/desktop interface. The remote units are Arduino microcontroler based, while the front end runs on a Raspberry Pi, with another Arduino with an Ethernet shield providing the bridge between 2.4GHz radio from the remote Arduinos and the Pi/home network. When time allows, progress will resume on this.