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I was a mountain biker for decades, enjoying nothing more than some technical singletrack, open moorland or flowing bridleways with some mates. I never fully understood road riding, having gone out a few times on my trusty steel Ribble, it didn't have the rush associated with off road.

I was convinced to try it again a few years ago, several friends ride both on and off road, so I picked up a Felt F95 second hand (upgraded the wheelset) and started going out on social rides with my local club. Its definitely a lot more enjoyable with a group, and the improvement in fitness shows off road as well.

The Genesis is currently the 'ichi-ban', and the Felt was replaced with a Giant Contend SL 1, which is the go-to bike if the roads are wet. The Look KG111 was a restoration project, now fully functional touring bike if I fancy some classic geometry on a dry day. The Cannondale was my commuter for years, MTB frame, 700c wheels, flat bars and an Alfine geared hub, almost zero maintenance for nearly 50 thousand miles!

The Slate is the oddball, quite quick on the road, and will do surprisingly well off it (until you hit mud, fat slicks are rubbish in mud..) My go-to for commuting now as it allows bridleways and fire roads on the way home.

The MTB's speak for themselves, the Stumpjumper is a go-anywhere do-anything weapon, the 29er is a lightweight race bike for endurance races, and the singlespeed is my go-to winter hack, nothing to go wrong!